About Us

People like us will never forget the year 2007, this is the same year which took our hikes and for some of us it took us our jobs.

Most of us know that travel industry was one of the sectors which bled the most (I don’t know what has happened to the people who were in financial sector). So what it has to do with our travel business site?

Out of many people we were four odds who thought of starting a business that too during recession. At first we thought of going abroad. But thanks to president Obama, we had to stop day dreaming and get back to reality, and then we thought of starting a theme restaurant but ended up in setting up travel related business.

Travel Business? Yes, because we all come from the hospitality industry and are a bit innovative too. We have started this business not by spending money on things like setting up an office with ten good looking receptionists, have not outsourced our customer support to a call center in Gurgaon or Noida, have not spent lavishly on AC’s, designer furniture. Just plain and simple – you and we makes P&T.

We can proudly say that we have made this business on our own with minimum available resources.

What is that we have that others don’t have?

You might also think that we even don’t even have an online tool to make reservations. One has to call on any of our four numbers to make the reservation. The reason being, the system does not understand the term relationship. We do not make reservations, we build long term relationships. We take care of end to end travel solutions; take it cheapest air tickets, lowest hotel tariffs and one of lowest package provider which we actually are.

We treat our customers as one of our own family member and family members need not have to log in to net and make their booking with the help of an automated engine. Just give us a call and we will take care of the rest, and rest means rest.

There were instances in the past where we had a chance to save more by compromising quality. We would like to ensure you that we are ready to do all it takes to maintain our standards of quality and we have a zero tolerance towards any deviation from quality of service provided.

We are not the people who would say something on phone and will give something else in writing. We are known for our integrity between the P&T family members to whom we are serving at present and will maintain the same till our last breath.

All ready? If not Pack, set and go!

We respect other people and we welcome any type of feedback which can be sent to us at care (at ) packandtravels (dot) com which will make us more and more stronger day by day and will help us is paving the way to make this organization as one of the most admired and dependable organization.

Oh! I forgot to mention, we have already started making our own booking engine which is smarter than others in the market so stay tuned for our new family member soon. But still we prefer that you people to call us and make your reservations with us.

At last we would like to conclude that we are the people who have the passion to deliver the best in class, for us dedicated service comes first then anything else. So why don’t you give us a chance and see the difference yourself. We are just a call after which you will know that we take care of the rest, rest means rest.

For your reference our numbers +91-9310096543, 44, 45, 46.

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